Friday, June 15, 2012

happy birthday Sam!

Words truly escape me when I think of the joy our little man has brought this family!  He is such a pleasant and lovable child and I praise God daily for allowing us the privledge of being his parents!


::Happy 2nd Birthday::
June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a father's day gift...

{I'm trusting that my hubby will not read this post until after he's received the gift since he's currently out of the country!}

Several years ago, I made Lee a birthday gift with these pictures...

I don't remember which pictures I actually used, but why not take advantage of the opportunity to show off my girls! I framed these pictures side by side to read "DADDY."


I wanted to bring the gift idea back this year for Father's Day since my girls have grown a bit and we've added another kiddo!  There were a few changes I thought needed to be made on this go 'round...
  • make the pictures colored because Lee prefers that over black and white
  • use smaller letters because I felt like the huge letters in the pictures before overshadowed the kiddos 
Here are some of the pictures from the "photo shoot"...

::the finished product::


Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband and my amazing Daddy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

we're on the move - literally!!

If you stop by our house, this is what will greet you at the front door!

Yep - we're moving!!

Not only are we changing our physical location, but we're venturing into a brand new season of life as well - a season that brings much excitement and a bit of apprehension.

Lee has taken the position of a {SENIOR!} pastor at a church in east Tennessee!

We are truly thankful to the Lord that He has called us to serve our new family of faith in this capacity!

The plan is to move at the end of June, but as of now, there are still several details up in the air.  I'll keep everyone posted! :)

If you know my family at all, you know it hasn't been all work around here!  We always try to incorporate a little fun into everything!  Here is a glimpse at a few things we've done in the midst of packing and cleaning and house hunting...

Took a trip to the Lego Store!!

Spent a little time with our cousins!

And I had the chance to spend the day with these precious chicks at Patti's Settlement where the pie is {literally} 5 inches tall!

{these ladies are just a few of the reasons why this move is so "bittersweet!"  it's going to be hard to leave behind some amazing friendships...}


As we know more, we'll share more!! But for now, we covet your prayers as we begin this new journey!