Tuesday, September 13, 2011

oh how He loves us

I am moved to tears pretty easily, so to say this video did that doesn't mean a whole lot to those that know me well. I stumbled upon this video yesterday while I was in my kitchen counting out veggie straws. Despite the fact that my sweet son was completely unloading all the cabinets and my precious daughter was singing Christmas songs loudly and dancing all around me, I was left with tears streaming down my face when it was over.

Take a look...

I am still overwhelmed with the greatness of God's love for me.

These are the questions this video has left running through my mind: is the greatness of God's amazing love for me the motivation for what I do? am I so consumed with what Christ has done for me that I find joy in obeying Him? or am I just concerned with an external appearance of obedience?

Then I thought of our three precious kiddos...

Lord, I desperately pray that you will allow Lee and I to accurately teach our children the gospel and about the deep love of Christ and what He has done. I beg you to guard us against raising "pharisees" who have all the right answers but a heart that is far from You. Let us not be so concerned with "morality" from them that we fail to demonstrate the grace that was demonstrated to us on the cross."

Each night during our "family worship time" we pray, sing songs and read a story from the greatest children's devotional book (that we've found!!) ever:
{really - if you are looking for a book to read with/to your kids - this is it!! even i look forward to the story each night!}

One of the lines from last night's story was this, "Jesus loves you with a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever kind of love!"




happy grandparent's day!!!

Somehow, this day slipped past me and I failed to properly acknowledge these very, very special people!!

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  1. Thanks sweet Mindy!! I needed to be reminded of God's great love today. Love you, Mom