Sunday, November 6, 2011

halloween adventures

My girls keep me laughing and keep me guessing! They are fun kiddos and I can honestly say that I don't just love them, I truly enjoy them! As we began discussing costume ideas for this year, their ideas stayed true to form...funny!!

Here's how it all came out in the end...

a poodle & a chicken
Both of these silly costumes were made with easy to find items. Ellee's "poodle puffs" (as she called them) were made from pink bath loofas that I glued together to make a band for her ankles and wrists. Then I glued one to each end of a pink ribbon and glued it to a headband. One puff on the top of the headband and collar out of paper and black ribbon and call it a day! Quick, easy, cheap and she loved it!! The chicken costume was just as simple! I didn't want to buy orange tights for Addie that I didn't think she'd ever wear again (call me cheap, I know!) so I took some of her old white ones that had clearly seen better days and "dyed" them with orange kool-aide! And not even the real stuff - I used the 20 cent generic pack but it worked just fine! Then we tucked some yellow rubber gloves into her shoes for her feet and pinned a few white boas around her white shirt. Her "hat" was made from red felt that I just cut into the shape I wanted, stuffed with plastic shopping bags and glued to a headband. It's embarrassing how easy it was to pull together, but the girls were happy, so this momma was too!!

Yes, yes...Sam was part of the fun as well! He did not, however, have as much say in the outcome of his costume. We borrowed a snowman costume from some friends (thanks Samantha!) and we thought he'd look just precious in it. Ok, ok, I confess...I thought he'd look just precious in it. Lee wasn't the biggest supporter of the costume! After all, he's been hauling around princesses and ballerinas for years, and now he finally had a boy to dress up and I went and put him in a snowman costume!! None the less, our boy was adorable and I made a solemn vow to make him some sort of super hero, really boy-ish costume next year!

We even ended the evening of fun with a "s'mores bar" at our sweet friends' house. Thank you Cortney and Lee!

We had another fun adventure this weekend as we celebrated our Addie girl turning 8! I can't wait to show you pictures of her "Art Party!"

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