Friday, March 26, 2010

car organizer

I'm sure NONE of you with small kiddos can relate to having a messy car, but that seems to be an issue around here! The girls always want to take something in the car to play with, write on, or clutter with. For a while I've had a basket in the middle of their car seats that held all their precious treasures, but that always caused trouble in the buckling process.

So...I found a pattern for a "Small Back of Seat Organizer." It had the word "organizer" in the name, so I was immediately sold! I let the girls pick out their own fabric - whatever they wanted! - and I made these cute contraptions. (The pattern is Simplicity # 2553)

So far, I'm pleased with our new treasures. I'm just hoping the "new" doesn't wear off soon and I'm back to having barbie doll shoes and dot-to-dot books all over the floor!!

In case you're wondering, Ellee's is the pink princess one and Addie's is black with pink flowers.


  1. Those are AWESOME!!!! How do you find time to do this?!!! Let me know how they work after about 3 weeks. I get so tired of cleaning out the car of all the toys that make it in but never make it out. If it works, I may have to FIND the time.

  2. I was wondering which was which! Both very cute. What a great idea!