Monday, March 22, 2010

a lesson from the oldest

The other day, as Addie was sharing with me what she had learned in school that morning, we had a simple conversation that ended with me in tears. Here's how it went:

Addie: Mom, did you know that Mia is adopted from China? (Mia is a beautiful little girl in Addie's class.)

Me: Yes, honey, I did. That's why she looks different - she's from another country.

Addie: (In her most "well, duh" voice imaginable) Mom, she doesn't look different!!

Me: (With my heart in my throat and a shaking voice) You're right baby, she doesn't look any different.

After that, I snuck into my closet and did what those girls have so often made me do - I cried! Part of the tears came from conviction, and part of the tears welled up from joy. I was so unbelievably proud of my little girl for not noticing - AT ALL- the outward appearance of her friend. Her innocence in that statement was so tender and sweet!

Right there, in my closet, my prayer was that the Lord would allow her to keep that perspective and that the sin and prejudice that the world teaches would not soon creep in. Too often, we are so consumed with the outward presentation of others that the example of our Savior - to look on their heart - is secondary.

Oh the many lessons we can learn from our children...

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