Tuesday, December 21, 2010

some homemade christmas gifts

I realize that I probably should've posted this sooner than 3 days before Christmas - just in case you saw something you may want to re-create! However, I know that several of the recipients of these gifts tune into this blog every once in a while and I didn't want them to have a sneak peek at their gifts!

These are just a few of the things we crafted and given away this year...

{homemade strawberry jelly}

You may recall from this post that I promised to show you what we did with all those strawberries we picked back in the spring. Well here you have it - jelly! Everyone Lee works with at the church received a little jar of homemade sweetness! By the time the last jar was filled and and the last bow tied, I think I had made 20 jars. I was thankful for our snow day last Monday that allowed me to get all that done!

{painted ornaments}

This year I tried something new. I've seen painted initial ornaments everywhere and I decided that it wouldn't be too hard to make a few of my own. And I must say that my assessment was correct! Using a paint pen, I painted an initial on a plain glass ornament and then embellished them with a few other things and added ribbon to the top. And there you have it - a personalized gift with a homemade touch that was super easy! I actually made about 8 of these and managed to only take pictures of 2! And not even my favorite 2 at that! Oh well, you get the idea! Most of the ornaments were given along with another gift. In the picture below, you'll see that I used the ornament to "spruce up" the outside of a bag filled with peppermint bark - a personal Christmas favorite!!

{Fleece Scarves}

These are perfect if you need a quick and easy-peasy gift idea for little ones! The scarves are made from a single strip of fleece. I simply cut out a piece of fabric in the shape of a long rectangle (different sizes based on the age of the child) and cut 2-3 inch fringes at the ends and tied a knot in those fringes. Because it's fleece, no hemming is needed. There are so many different options for fleece so you can make tons of these cute (and cozy!) goodies!



  1. Great post hunny! God has gifted you in so many ways! You are a wonderful wife, mother and gift maker!

    I love you

  2. Love them! We've made peppermint bark here too for neighbors, but I'll definitely have to add the ornaments next time. Cute!

  3. Love, love, love them all!!!! I still say you must have gotten your talent from your dad - ssshh, don't tell your mom! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and we will see you next week. Love and hugs to all....AJ