Monday, May 24, 2010

we went pickin'

Guess what we decided to do on this very hot Spring day? The girls and I headed to a local orchard and got on our hands and knees and picked strawberries! This is a fun tradition that we started several years ago when we were living in Tennessee. I always look forward to May when we work and sweat for a basket full of these red beauties! There's just something so rewarding about digging through the bushes and finding that perfect berry and snapping it off the vine. You can't beat a fresh picked strawberry! The girls enjoy picking strawberries, and even out in the patch, their personalities show strong.

Addie was on her hands and knees seeking out the perfect berry and working hard and staying focused.

On the other hand, after a few minutes of picking berries, Ellee was off running up and down the rows pretending to be Strawberry Shortcake! In her words, she was "so happy to be home in the patch!"

Because it was so hot outside today, I promised the girls an apple slush (that we spotted in the orchard store and looked DELICIOUS!!) as soon as we were done gathering our berry treasures!

What a fun day we had!

Stay tuned to see what we make with these yummy berries...


  1. We love to go pick berries. I think more end up in the mouths of my girls than in the basket. We have not done this yet but it is on my list to do now that we are out of school.

  2. The theme in all of your posts is what an amazing mother you are, Mindy. Taking the time to take the girls picking berries, being so involved in school, making home made applebutter, you are truly an amazing mom. ;-)
    It looks like this was a fun trip. Love you!

  3. We just picked a bunch last week too. We made strawberry bread and 2 big pies. The first time I took Sarah she was a little older than 1 and the owner said we would have to weigh her on the way out because of all the strawberries she ate.