Tuesday, May 4, 2010

adoption update

We are deep into the process of adoption and are experiencing the range of emotions that I'm told go along with it! Since the last post regarding the adoption, we have chosen South Korea as the country we want to bring a baby BOY home from!

We are in the home study part of the adoption which is defined as a process of "screening the home and life of prospective adoptive parents prior to allowing an adoption." What this means for us is paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!!

We have literally spent hours upon hours filling out a variety of questionnaires, applications, screenings, and release forms. The questions range from things like "in detail, describe what an effective and ineffective parent is" to "how many feet is the prospective child's room from a smoke detector" to "describe your parent's personalities and your relationship growing up with them." In addition to the mounds of paperwork, we have to complete 10 hours of education and training during the home study along with 3 interviews with a social worker. The home study process will conclude with the social worker coming to our home to deem it fit for a child to live in.

Several times we have laughed at how this process compares with birthing children. When we had our girls, we were sent home from the hospital with a complimentary thermometer, a pat on the back, and many "good luck" wishes! Of course there are frustrations and aggravations that go along with pregnancy that we are not experiencing right now as we wait on our child to arrive - expanding waist lines, not seeing my feet for several months, crying over silly things like BBQ, and the list could go on! I suppose no matter how it happens, brining children into your family requires sacrifice - but it's absolutely worth it!!

We will keep you updated on the home study and what will come next.

Until then, we ask you to please join us in praying for Baby K (the name given to our unknown child by his sisters), the adoption process, for the finances to be provided, and for Lee and I to be "anxious for nothing!"


  1. This is sweet and precious. Praying for this process to be perfect and it will be because God is in control. K could not be joining a better family. Love you and praying for you

  2. praying for you guys! :) miss you, love you!

  3. How amazing! I have a good friend that was adopted from South Korea. He recently visited the agency he was adopted from and showed me pictures. I was in shock at how many babies are in need. I pray that the process doesn't take long and Baby K is in your arms soon!