Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christmas in April? No, just Ellee's birthday!

So why are we celebrating Ellee's birthday in April when she was born in December?

Because we moved here in February, Ellee (obviously!) wasn't able to share her birthday excitement with her new preschool class. Ellee's teacher loves for each child to have a special birthday day, so she asked if we could celebrate in April. What do you think Ellee said? Yes, of course!! Here's how it went down...

the birthday girl with her birthday crown.

ellee enjoying her snack. part of the celebration is choosing what the snack for the morning will be. ellee's choice? chocolate and white powedered donuts!

ellee sharing her birthday poster with the class.

i read ellee's favorite book to her class. this is it!

ellee brought treat bags for all the kiddos in her class. we put sidewalk chalk in party bags and tied a bow with a sucker on them. the label said, "thanks for helping me 'chalk' this birthday up to a good one!" (i had cute labels made on the computer, but wouldn't ya know we couldn't get the printer working!)

the birthday girl with some of her friends!

Happy Birthday (well, not really) sweet Ellee!

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