Monday, April 5, 2010

home sweet home

Maybe it's the familiar smells, or maybe it's the expected creak of the hall door, but whatever the reason, there is nothing like going home. Thankfully, the girls and I are spending our spring break in Georgia with my parents and we're loving every moment of it! I think I have the most loving, giving and servant-hearted parents anyone could ask for which makes the time here all the more enjoyable! We are soaking in the relaxing days by the pool, rides on the golf cart and honestly, doing nothing!! There is such a tremendous feeling of love, comfort and safety with being home.

And even as I type this, I cannot help but think of what it will be like when we are home - truly home! This world is not our home - we are passing through. The feeling that I get each time I drive up to Mom and Dad's quaint little home does not even begin to compare to what it will be like to be home with our Savior! But until that day, I take delight in being with my with the sqeaking hall door and with the gnats and all the things that are so familiar and comfortable!

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