Monday, April 5, 2010

celebrating the risen Savior!

Easter is truly one of my favorite celebrations of the year! I absolutely LOVE sharing in the joy and excitement that comes on Sunday morning knowing that Christ has risen! We serve a glorious God and a living Savior!!

Our amazing Easter weekend began when some of my family came to visit us. My parents, aunt and cousin came to see our new home and we had a great time!

(my parents, my girls, Aunt Joyce and Lacie)

Easter morning...

On Sunday afternoon, we spent time at my Grandparent's house. The girls were able to have an egg hunt...


  1. Happy Easter. Loved the picture of your mom and dad and the girls. It is beautiful. And yes what an amazing Savior that we serve.

  2. Mama Brown told me today at the shower about your blog (missed seeing you!). LOVE IT!! So glad to share in your journey through words and pictures. Praying you are well and enjoying Kentucky!

    *I'll add you to my blogroll. . . stop by and leave a comment!