Friday, April 23, 2010

Grandparent's Day at school

Why would nearly 30 "mature adults" be scattered around a kindergarten room watching a game of "Around the World?" For Grandparent's Day of course!!

Addie's school celebrated grandparents today in a special way. Many grandparents of these sweet children gathered in their grandchild's school room to observe and participate in their day to day activities. Addie's class also shared many songs and bible verses they had been working on with their Grandpas, Grandmas, Nanas, Papas, Mimis, Grannys, Granddaddys and Grammys! It was so sweet to see them perform proudly for these very important people! Addie was excited to have her Granddaddy and Grammy there. We are so glad they got to come! Here are a few pictures from the morning...

Grammy helping Addie with a worksheet

Addie, Grammy and Granddaddy

Addie receives a special letter...

It's a letter from Grandpa and Mimi!! They were very sad they couldn't make it to Grandparent's Day but they sent a letter of love to Addie which made her feel so special!

This afternoon as I thought about Grandparent's Day, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such an amazing family - not only the family I was born in to, but the one I married in to as well!! My kiddos are so fortunate to have 2 sets of grandparents who love them deeply, but more importantly, who love the Lord and His Word! My girls have a Grandpa, Mimi, Granddaddy and Grammy who serve and follow Jesus and have a desire to set an example of godliness for their grandchildren. I know I don't deserve such a wonderful family, but I thank God, that by His grace alone, I do!

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