Sunday, April 18, 2010

the adoption journey begins

There are many times in my life when I know, without any doubt, that God is leading me and directing my path. There are other times that I'm not as aware of His guidance until later on in life. Picking a topic for my final project in a college speech class is one of those times. A few years ago, for no particular reason, I chose "international adoption" for a speech topic and began to do extensive research on the need and process of this type of adoption. Because Lee and I were already married, he was the recipient of all my new knowledge and the "audience" when I needed to practice the speech. It's safe to say we were completely unaware of how the Lord was using this project to change our lives. He began, with this project, fanning a flame of desire in our hearts for orphans. As the years have passed since then, the flame has grown stronger and brighter and has spread! Along the way, we weren't sure how or when the Lord would bring all of this to fruition, but we are so excited - and a little scared! - to share that we are beginning the journey to give an orphan a home - our home!!


  1. Sounds exciting! Keep us posted as God leads. Give my love to A and E!

  2. This thrills my heart! We'll be praying for you as your family embarks upon this new and exciting chapter of your lives. I can't wait to see how the Lord's hand, providence, and blessings are demonstrated through your obedience.

  3. I could not imagine a baby joining a more godly home. You will make a great mom to an orphan child. I am so proud of you fulfilling the task that God has laid before you. Praying for this journey for your family and I can't wait to hear the news when this task is complete.

  4. a) Mindy, all of your posts bring tears to my eyes. Either the pollen is coming through my screened in porch or you are a very gifted writer!
    b) Adopt me. Seriously. ;-)
    c) I'm so proud of you and your family. It's so special to my heart that we've known each other since we were (about) your girls ages. They are just adorable and I wouldn't expect any different out of you. PS - Does Addie have puff paint shoes yet? You're should work on that.
    d) God has blessed you in so many ways and He couldn't have picked a better person and family to bestow all of His many blessings on! You are so grateful and giving, and, for that, I am thankful.

    Thanks for doing this blog...keep it up. I look forward to it when I see an update!!