Friday, April 23, 2010

my BMX-in hubby

There are many things that have surprised us about our new Kentucky town. Just to name a few..

1. The CRAZY obsession with Kentucky basketball!!

2. The tornado siren that goes off EVERY Friday at exactly 12 pm.

3. The ability to get anywhere - yes, anywhere in our KY town - in 10 minutes!

4. The strange overpopulation of bunnies - the Peter Cottontail kind!

5. The amount of youth riding bikes. Now we're not talking about the ole' Huffy bikes with a basket and bell on the front - we're talking the BMX kind where you only "ride" standing up and do crazy hops, jumps and rail sliding. (I obviously don't know the lingo!)

Now many of you know my hubby and you know that he doesn't exactly - ok NOT AT ALL - fit in the BMX bike-riding-dude category. I don't mean to stereotype, but let's face it - you don't usually see guys in their J Crew jeans and Polo shirts doing a "tail whip." (Hubby gave me that trick name!) However, this didn't seem to intimidate Lee at all. He came home one day and announced that he was going to start "riding." From there, he began hanging out at the bike shop and befriended some of the guys there. He also got a bike - apparently a "cool" one - and started going to a concrete pad (where a lot of guys ride and do tricks) and made friends there as well. I'm amazed at my husband for so many things, but this is one of them, for sure! I don't think I would ever have the courage to walk onto the scene of something that I am totally unfamiliar with and know very little about, amongst 20 strangers and start introducing myself!

And here's the reason's all for the Gospel! Lee has never wanted to own a BMX bike, ride a half pipe, land a 180 or anything else remotely associated with this sport. However, it was obvious that there was a small sub-culture in our new community and Lee wanted to "be all things" to them. His desire was - and still is - to share the love of Jesus with these guys and be salt and light in their world. (Side note - I don't mean it imply in any way that these guys are not and can not be fully devoted followers of Jesus!!)

Now I'll be the first to admit that I love bragging on my man, but that's not really the intent behind sharing this! I pray that what my hubby is doing will encourage and challenge others as it has challenged me! I continue to ask God to give me the desire and courage to "go into the all the world and make disciples." I want the light of Jesus to "shine before men!" Let us not sit in church and wait for the world to come to us, but may we go out and compel them to come in!

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  1. mrs mindy!
    i love that i can keep up with you on this blog of yours, but it makes me miss you so much more!

    love yall and praying for you!