Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby K has a name!

For most, it's a difficult task to name a child that you are expecting. But let me just say, it's even more difficult to name a child when you can actually see their face!

We have gone round and round about what Baby K's name would be, but I think we've finally settled in...

Samuel Lee

We'll call our little guy Sam and I wish I could post his picture, because I think you'd agree that he looks just like a Sam!!

One day, when Sam is older and he and the girls are hanging their ornaments on our Christmas tree, I'm sure he'll ask why his first ornament is a "K." I can't wait to look into his big brown eyes and tell him the story of how we first knew him and loved him as Baby K!


  1. LOVE it!! I was talking to Karla today at MOPS and asked if you had shared your sweet boy's name with them this past weekend. She said you were still deciding - I'll have to send her here!

  2. I love the name but.......he will probably still be Baby K to me for a while!! Praying each day for him, as well as you all and can't wait for him to make his 1st trip to Georgia!! Love and hugs to all...AJ