Thursday, January 27, 2011

bringing sam home

We are so excited about our latest fund-raising effort for our adoption!!

Let's be honest...who doesn't love a good t-shirt?! It's always fun to wear a t-shirt that's an original and catches the attention of on-lookers! We have designed a t-shirt that does just that! And the best part of all...when you buy a shirt, you will be helping to make one less orphan in this world!!

Every single penny that is made from the sale of the shirts will go directly towards bringing Sam home - hence the back of the shirt!

We ask that you please consider buying a shirt...or two...or three!! We would LOVE for you to share this with anyone and everyone you know!

Now that we have seen the face of our sweet baby boy, we cannot wait to bring him home...and we need your help!!


*The shirts are navy blue with white writing.
*We will be delighted to mail shirts to all of you out-of-towners!!
*Sizes range from Adult XXXL - Youth XS! Make sure you scroll down to see all the sizes available.

**Please email me if you have any questions or problems

Adult Sizes

Youth/Children Sizes

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  1. Hi Mindy. My name is Shannon Stivers and I just bought a t-shirt. I am Charis' first cousin from Paducah. We met at Charis and William's wedding (I was the large pregnant momma....:) We brought home our 5 year old son from Ethiopia in April of '09, we were actually there with Charis and William. I am so excited for you all. We will be praying for your family. Our blog is: