Sunday, May 29, 2011

not so sure this counts as a holiday weekend!

Aaaahhhh...Memorial Day weekend! The kick-off of the wonderful summer season. Both of my girls had their last day of school this past week so we are ripe and ready for some summer time fun!

(Side note...Addie had "Awards Day" at school on Friday and a proud Momma must brag! She got the "Top Phonics Student" award, "A & B Honor Roll" award, and the "Gratefulness" character award!)

I'm not so sure that this weekend is going to go down in the books as one of our best holiday weekends.

First off, the family was one man down - and the most favorite man at that! Lee is spending his Memorial Day weekend traveling to Boston. (Insert my Boston accent..which even at best would be completely unrecognizable! For some reason, all of my accents, no matter their supposed origination, end up sounding like Forrest Gump! I digress...)

So while I was riding solo, wouldn't you know that things go wrong! Pretty soon after Lee left, the washing machine spun for its last time. It has served us well for the past 10 years, but I believe the end has come. After a few phone calls, the conclusion was for me to leave it alone until Lee came back. Inevitably, I have begun to see unwanted piles of clothes around my house! My approach to laundry is to stay on top of things! I hate to see mounds of our dirty clothes and have never had a "laundry day." I know that works for many, but around here, every day is "laundry day!"

In addition to the demise of my washer, my sweet boy and I have been feeling under the weather. I'm really doing ok, but my Sam has not felt well at all.
can you see his leaky nose?

He did cheer up at bath time which he has grown to love! When he was first home, bath time wasn't exactly his favorite time of day!

Now take a look at what has occupied a little of my time this holiday weekend...

Can you even tell what it is?!? It's what some call a garage! If looking at this makes you nervous, then you're in good company! I start twitching every time I open the garage doors!

We've been collecting "treasures" since last summer to have another garage sale as a fundraiser for Sam! Well the time has come and we are planning on having the sale next weekend. I have been (along with my dear friend Samantha!) pricing and rearranging things for a good chunk of the weekend.

Now don't worry, there was some fun to be had this Memorial Day weekend! As an exercise in humility, I am going to show you what occupied my girls for several hours. It's really quite embarrassing, but take a look at our redneck pool(s)...

After all, I am from south Georgia!! :)

On Saturday morning, the girls were sneaking around asking for random objects and made me promise not to come in their playroom. A little while later, they ran up to me and presented me with some very beautiful cards!!

When I asked them what the occasion was, they said, "Because we love you and you're the best Mommy we've ever had!" I adore those munchkins!

And I'll leave you with a picture of how I found my Ellee this afternoon...

With her, you just don't ask questions! :)

Now we're off to watch "Gnomeo and Juliet" as we count down the hours until my hubby comes home. He makes everything better!!

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  1. Great post Mindy! I miss you and the kids so much! I will be home soon! I agree with the are the best mommy they have ever had! I love you and will see you soon!