Thursday, June 9, 2011

sam's first haircut

One of the first things we noticed about our sweet Sam was his hair!! The pictures we got with all of our referral paperwork showed a sweet baby boy with crazy hair! Here are the first glimpses we had of our son. I don't know that we've ever shared these before...

Last week we decided the time had come to get Sam's hair cut! We took him to a "real" barber shop (the one his Daddy goes to!) with great anticipation - we had no idea how he would react!

He did good at first, but then decided he didn't like the strange man holding his head still. The necessity of finishing the haircut led to Sam's second "1st" of the day...his first sucker!! A blue sucker occupied Sam's attention long enough to complete the task...

Look at that handsome boy!

(This is a picture from our annual trip to Gatlinburg with Lee's family that took place this weekend. I'll post more pictures from that adventure soon!)

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! He is soooo adorable - I can hardly wait for you all to get down here in July!! His haircut is so cute too!! Hugs and much love to all of you.