Friday, March 30, 2012

reminiscing...GOTCHA DAY!!

Today we are celebrating our sweet Sam's "GOTCHA DAY!"...the day he was placed in our arms and officially became ours forever! This happened on March 30, 2011. Some pictures from that glorious day...

*being silly...just before walking out the door to get sam - our "we're going to get a baby" poses*


*getting his final measurements at the orphanage*

*back in our room*

*a jOyFuL mommy & daddy*

Click here to see Sam's "Gotcha Day/Going Home" video. It is by far my favorite one - especially the part when we see our girls again!

Thank you for walking down memory lane with us this week! We are {still} overwhelmed by the grace God showed to us through this journey!

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