Sunday, July 22, 2012

unintentional hiatus

I've got a good excuse for the unintentional hiatus I took from blogging...moving with three small kiddos!!

The past month and half have been just a tad chaotic as we've made the transition from Kentuckians to East Tennesseans!  If you don't believe me, let me share with you a little story that really allowed our faith to be put into practice...

We had moving trucks arriving at our house on a Friday morning.  We found out where we'd be moving to on Thursday morning.  YES - the Thursday morning before - 24 hours before all of our belongings were hauled away!!  Several weeks prior to this, we spent time looking for a house in our new town and came up short over and over again.  We were even unsuccessful in finding somewhere temporary to rent.  Thankfully, our new church family worked hard on our behalf and found a place to put us until we find a house to make our home!  

The last time I had a "new house blind date" was when we moved to Texas right after we got married.  I had never laid eyes on that house until the day we moved in.  That "date" didn't go so well and we lived in a "house" that left quite a bit to be desired.  {Honestly - it was a dump that practically had a train running through it and a family of mice that took up residence there.}  This "blind date move" has turned out much better!  

We still feel a little like gypsies because we've only unpacked the bare necessities and are walking around (more like tripping over!) boxes.  The house hunt is still on and we're praying for a place to settle very soon!

In the meanwhile, we're blessed to be living somewhere that has so much to offer close by and we've been taking advantage of that!  The clan has spent a few days hiking, picnicking, waterfall exploring and riding alpine slides!

While the girls played in the waterfall, Sam "looked" from the sidelines.  Seriously, this little guy slept through the entire hike!  

The girls' favorite part of the alpine slide was riding the lift up! 

The reality that summer is drawing to a close has begun to set in and we're trying to soak up every last minute of it.  Next week, we will enjoy the annual Brown Family Vacation in Gatlinburg!  It's always fun to be with everyone and we look forward to it every year!  Here is a glimpse of the excitement from last year! Enjoy your last few weeks of summertime! 

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  1. So good. Always encouraged to hear you guys following wherever the Lord leads you :)