Thursday, August 9, 2012

because so many of you asked...

...we made it through the first day of school!!  I am so thankful for everyone who checked on us after my last {apparently tear provoking} post.  My default setting is transparency and honesty, so I was just baring my troubled heart...

I couldn't get to the school and get my arms around those girls quick enough! When I saw their face, I felt so much relief and their sweet smiles assured me of a great day!

Today was another big day around here - Addie's first day of ballet...
{these pictures were taken with a phone, so excuse the quality}

Ellee has been undecided as to whether ballet was "her thing" or not.  {Her words exactly!}  But after seeing all the beautiful ballerinas today, she has decided that she wants to "give it a try."  We shall see...

And just because he hasn't been mentioned in a few posts, here's a glimpse at our other little munchkin. This is what Sam does when you say "smile!" He keeps us laughing...



  1. I am so glad you have your blog. I love still being able to keep up with you guys! The kids look wonderful. We miss you all. Cathy

  2. Min,
    I'm so excited to see that Addie is taking dance! Glad to see everyone all smiles, even Sam! Love you :)


  3. Addie is a lovely ballerina! I'm sure Ellee will have a good time no matter what she does and will be just as lovely. And I love Sam's smile! Keep blogging!

  4. Picture of Addie brings back sweet memories of you Min at that age getting ready for ballet. Love Ellee in her "glasses" and precious Sam's smile. See ya in a few hours. Love you all, Mom