Saturday, September 8, 2012

playing catch-up with a picture post

In an attempt to play "catch up," prepare for a large dose of pictures with captions!  Somehow, yet again, I sit down to blog and realize it's been weeks since my last post of ramblings.  I'm fully aware that there are only two people (the Grandmas!!) that really wait for an update, but this blog is also a spot for me to keep our memories and my thoughts organized so I hate to let too much time go by.  

So here goes the last month or so in fast forward...

I managed to let our annual "Brown Family Gatlinburg Vacation" slip by without a single picture!  Here are just a few glimpses of the adventure...

Ellee did indeed start ballet and she loves it! 

The kids and I snuck down to Georgia to surprise Mom for her 60th birthday! 

The weekend we were there also happened to be the Peanut Festival in their quaint little town.  Since they live on Main Street, we had front row seats for the parade...

We've done a little more hiking...
But what's consumed most of our time is our {potential!} new home!! Praise God, we finally have a contract on a house. We won't actually move until December, but there's plenty to do before then. Our new abode has "great bones," plenty of space and is in a great location. The catch - it's in desperate need of cosmetic love and attention! I just can't bring myself to show you "before" pictures without the accompanying "after" pictures so you'll have to wait on that. But here is a view of our back yard from the deck - one of the things I love about this house!

I have always been fascinated with spectacular "before & after" pictures that leave you wondering how the transformation took place.  I pray I can offer a few of those in the months to come! 


  1. Love the pics Min and I can appreciate you waiting on "before" and "after" pictures of your new home :) Lots of love, Mom

  2. I am always checking for update on your precious family! I have loved watching girls grow and that precious Korean cutie of yours! I hope one day our boys will get to meet and hope they can before great friends!

    - The Scotts