Wednesday, September 26, 2012

finding a happy place for my kids' "treasures"

Please tell me that I'm not the only mom with J.U.N.K. collectors as kids!!  I stand amazed at what I find stashed away in their room.

I mean seriously, Ellee, do you really think it's necessary to keep a "fun colored piece of fuzz" that you found on the playground?!?  Or better, and probably my all-time favorite, a used toothbrush that her "fwiend" at school gave her.

Addie is more likely to keep more "sophisticated" junk - papers that she folded into something "really cool" or 1 of the 55,564,309 duct tape wallets she made for her dolls.

So what's a mom to do?  Or maybe I should say, "what's an overly anal (can I use that word??  Lee hates it..) mom to do?!" I definitely believe in "everything has a place and everything in its place!"

I've always said...if it's important to my kids, I want to treat it as such.  Whether it's a dilemma with friends, a story that I've heard 7 times already, or a piece of paper, I want my kids to know that I care about the (seemingly little and unimportant) things in their life.

I understand that there must be a balance though - I don't want to feed unnecessary drama and I don't want to see my kids on "Hoarders" one day either!  I needed a happy place for all the junk treasures!

So this is where the "Treasure Box" was born!!

Here are the rules for the kids:

  • You may keep anything in your box that you want as long as it's not alive or food.  (You can't assume anything around here!)
  • The top has to shut - no treasures seeping out of the side!
  • When it gets too full for anymore goodies - you have to clean it out to make more room. (This allows them to be in control of what they keep and what they toss.)
And the rule for Mommy:

  • I must stay out of their box!! long as they're adhering to the rules above!
So that's it - a happy balance for their junk treasures!

Here's a glimpse at what we're using for now...
*Just a good ole Rubbermaid container that can go under the bed.  It's pathetic how giddy these things make me!*

After we move and get them settled into their room, I'll move beyond the plastic to something a little fancier that matches their room.  I'd love one that will double as a stool.  This is closer to what I'm visualizing...

with a top though...the box MUST have a top

PS...I have to know - do boys do this too?  We're not there yet with this little cutie..


  1. Yes, boys collect things, too! You won't like boy stuff any better than girl stuff. Their stuff can be a bit gross, but boys are so much easier than girls .... in every single thing! At least that was true for my 3 kids (still is and they are adults now).

    I cannot stop looking at Sam!!! I love the HD shirt! He is awesome!! LOVE YOU ALL.

  2. Great idea Min. I could use a couple of "treasure boxes" at my house since I am having "Fall Cleaning" and need to get rid of "treasures(junk)!!!!! Love you, Mom

  3. Yes!!! Boys definitely do this! Thank you for the idea!!! I am going to go this today!!

  4. Smart, smart, smart! Will have to "pin" this for someday:)!