Monday, January 27, 2014

t-shirt time!!

We are so excited about our next fund-raising effort for our adoption!!


Who doesn't love a good t-shirt?! It's always fun to wear a t-shirt that's an original and catches the attention of on-lookers! We have designed a t-shirt that does just that! And the best part of all...when you buy a shirt, you will be helping make one less orphan in this world!!

Every single penny that is made from the sale of the shirts will go directly towards bringing our Elijah home!!

We ask that you please consider buying a shirt...or two...or three!! We would LOVE for you to share this with anyone and everyone you know!

When we sold t-shirts for Sam's adoption, it was so incredible to run into strangers wearing our shirts - so please SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!!  

So here they are...



*The front says "three million minus ONE" under the silhouette of China.  The wording is in reference to the (approximate) number of orphans in the world which most reports say 3 million.  Mind blowing - that's 3 million faces, 3 million children, 3 MILLION... 
*The back says "...and I helped..."  Because you will help make "one less" by buying a shirt!!
*The shirts are red with gray lettering.

**You DON'T have to have a paypal account to can use a credit or debit card!

**Please let me know if you have any questions or problems ordering!!

**If you need your shirt(s) shipped - please add the $5.00 shipping from the drop-down menu.  The $5.00 shipping is PER ORDER, not PER SHIRT, so only add it ONCE - even if you're ordering more than one!**


Adult Sizes

Children/Youth Sizes

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