Wednesday, February 19, 2014

adoption questions answered

Several posts ago, I said I'd answer "those" questions when I was feeling brave.

Well I don't know that "brave" is what I'm feeling, but here we go...

I'm going to answer and address the two most popular questions and criticisms for those of us who are adopting internationally.  But let me offer a disclaimer first...

I am only speaking for myself and my family.  I don't dare claim to be an expert on this topic, nor am I disillusioned enough to think I represent everyone who has ever adopted.

1.  Why would you adopt a child from another country when there are so many here in the United States that need adopting?

Hmm....  Well, this is by far the greatest criticism we receive when we share with others that we're adopting internationally.  Sometimes people will ask us this directly, but it usually comes in the form of a sideways question but you know exactly what they're implying.  So...let me do my best to answer this for us.  
  • We are fully convicted that the Gospel eliminates country boundaries.  There is no "ours" and "theirs."  ALL are made in the imagine of God and all were declared very good by our Creator.  (Genesis 1)
  • We believe that God calls the Christian to care for orphans here in the US and in every single country on the map.
  • Do we support domestic adoption?  Absolutely. 110%.  Without any hesitation at all...we support families who adopt from our great country! YES! YES!
  • We don't believe, however, that one "type" of adoption (domestic or international) trumps the other.  All are orphans.  All are to be cared for.
  • So why are we adopting (again!) from another country?  I don't have a very profound answer.  God has just given us a burden for those in orphanages in other countries.  Many years ago He started breaking our hearts for the babies and children in those conditions and has led us in that direction.  It's really not any more complex than that.  
  • Conclusion:  We are Christ followers first, American second.  Where He leads, we follow.    
2.  If you can't afford to adopt, why would you?  Why are you asking others to pay for your adoption?

Ah... the money question...
  • Let me first assure the skeptics out there...we are not sitting around on our duff hoping someone drops money in our lap!  We have made some major changes and cuts to our budget, have taken on odd jobs here and there, are using our savings, and doing EVERY. SINGLE. THING. WE. CAN. to pay for this ourselves!  So please be assured that we are working hard to that end!
  • International adoption can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000.  Yes, it's crazy ridiculous.  Yes, there is a lot of red tape and bureaucracy and (in our opinion) unnecessary costs involved.  Yes, it makes us sick that it cost that much to give a child a forever home.  But, as my Daddy would say, it is what it is.   You can't turn a deaf ear or blind eye to the millions of orphans all over the world just because you don't support the process.  At least we can't.  
  • We stand by something we've shared before and will continue to share...ADOPTION IS NOT JUST FOR THE WEALTHY, IT'S FOR THE CALLED.  Aren't you thankful that those with an extra $30,000 sitting around aren't the only ones adopting?!?  If that were the case, can you imagine how much more sickening the already devastating orphan crisis would be??  
  • Those who are followers of Christ are part of a larger picture.  Part of a body to be exact (1 Corinthians).  So there are times when the Lord calls someone to a task and the body should joyfully come alongside them for support.  Not always, but sometimes that support is financial.  Hmm... that always stirs up a certain amount of controversy...  
Well, I think that about covers it!  Of course there are many other concerns and criticisms, but those seem to be the most popular.  My desire in writing this was to simply shed some light on our convictions and our hearts' desire. 

Our prayer is that through this process, but more importantly through our life, God will receive all the praise and glory that He is due.  

**I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns or feedback on this.  I think.  Maybe.  My skin isn't very thick, so maybe only nice thoughts.  :) **


  1. From someone that adopted from China this year....Amen sister!!! I 100% support your answers!

  2. I agree 100%. Every child is precious in His sight. Don't let people bring you down.