Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Glimpse Into Our Past 9 Years!

First Came Love...

Then Came Marriage...

Then Came Mindy with the Baby Carriage...

It is so hard to believe that my sweet hubby and I exchanged our vows on a hot summer day nine years ago! As I think back on the years we've shared together, some of the memories make me laugh hysterically and some make me cry. We've shared times of extreme happiness, great sadness and everything in between. However, God's amazing grace is sufficient and I can say with absolute honesty that I'm more in love with my man today than I ever have been!

Happy Anniversary, Lee!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you too!! You are an amazing, godly, smoking hot woman! I am blessed beyond measure to be your husband. These nine years have been amazing but I cant wait for the next 99! I love you so much!!

    Your husband

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I love you both. AJ