Monday, August 30, 2010


Wow - I never thought I'd find so much joy in waiting!! We found out that all of our paperwork is in South Korea and we are now officially on the waiting list for our referral.

What this means is that we are waiting to be matched with a child. Once this happens, we will get a call (I'm told this is an extremely exciting phone call!!) letting us know that we have our referral (aka - we have been matched with a child). We then have the opportunity to see pictures of him and have access to as much information that is available on him. This could include information about his birth, medical history, birth mother, etc. However, the extent of the information available varies depending on the situation. Then we have a few days to pray through everything and seek advice from a physician regarding the medical history of the child before we accept the referral. Like I said before, we will then have to wait 2-3 months (after accepting the referral) before traveling to bring him home!

Here's the exciting part - because of the time table we are now working with, there is a great chance that he is being born now or very close to this time! We are desperately praying for our baby's health and safety. We are also praying for his birth mother and those who will care for him until he is home.

We are so confident that God will bring this to fruition in His perfect timing and His perfect way! We know He is sovereign over all and has directed our steps thus far and will continue to.

Please join us in praying for the following things:
*A quick referral!
*Baby K's health and safety.
*Baby K's birth mother and care-givers.
*Strength as we wait.
*Our precious daughters as we prepare them for what's to come.
*The financial burden that comes with adoption.
*Most of all - for us to glorify the Lord in everything!


  1. leigh ann maglingerAugust 30, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    How completely exciting! Some friends from college are in South Korea this week picking up their son! I've seen pictures on facebook all week of their adventures. Amazing moments.

  2. I got chills and tears reading this - wonderful exciting news!! We will keep praying for your family and Baby K. Love you, AJ

  3. Praying with you all. One thing for sure - your precious girls (and they really are precious) will be awesome big sisters! And I also know that God will be glorified in this and Baby K will be the luckiest child on the planet to be chosen to become part of your family! Love y'all.