Monday, August 23, 2010

my ellee girl!

There are many things about Addie being in school all day that I don't like. I miss my girl and I'm still not used to Ellee riding solo most days. One good thing that has come from Addie being an "official" school aged child (she only went half days last year for kindergarten) is that I get some precious time with my Ellee girl.

Last week, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and we headed to one of the spray parks here in town. Ellee had a blast and I loved watching her play!!

Last week was also exciting for my Ellee girl because she started pre-K! She only goes to school three mornings a week so I still get lots of snuggle time with her. Here's a glimpse of her first day...

~the classic Ellee face~

Before I know it, I'll be sending my Ellee to school all day and will be left wondering where time has gone!


  1. I doubt there will be too much time wondering when Ellee goes to school - you'll have a new little boy to snuggle!

  2. Cute pictures and Ellee was so pretty on her 1st day of Pre-K!! Love you all, AJ

  3. she is such a big girl. Happy Pre-K to Ellee. Zoie started Pre-K this year too. It was hard to watch my baby leave and be so excited about it. Hope both girls have a great year!