Monday, September 27, 2010

oh what a day!

Sunday mornings around our house have potential to be a little hectic! If I get my ducks in a row, I do a little prep work on Saturday nights to alleviate some confusion that comes in the morning.

I don't think, however, that any amount of prep work would've helped with the chaotic "fun" we had this past Sunday morning when our plumbing system took a leave of absence without proper notice. Without disclosing too many unnecessary details, here are a few things that took place before 9 am:

*Lee made not one, but two trips to the World de la Wally for toilet and shower unclogging stuff. (Not up-to-date on technical terms for these things.)

*I bathed my 4 YR OLD child in the kitchen sink. See, it just so happened that the night before our plumbing became possessed, we were celebrating our Mamaw's 95th birthday in Tennessee and got home too late for the girls' baths.

*While my hubby was dealing with bathroom issues, I thought I'd iron the clothes we were wearing to church. Of course you can guess what happened...the iron stopped working!

Eventually we made it to church! Our clothes may have been wrinkled and the girls may have had dirty feet, but we were there!

The morning did get better...

I was greeted by my sweet Sunday School co-teacher with an amazing gift!! Cortney (I wish I had a picture of her!!) saw this book...
...the day before and bought it for us. She gave me proper warning that the book may bring me to tears. And cry, I did!

It's a sweet children's story of a mama bear talking to her son that she adopted. The part that had me all choked up was when Barley, the baby bear, asked Mama if she ever wondered if her wish (to adopt a child) might not come true...

"Oh yes," said Mama. "I wished for you through many phone calls and through mountains of paperwork. I wished for you while I waited, and waited, and waited!"

"Sometimes, I didn't hear any news about you for weeks or months. But I held onto my wish tightly - like the string on a balloon."

"One day..." said Mama, brightening as she spoke, "One glorious, special, wonderful day, I found out my wish was coming true."

"What did you do?" asked Barley.

"I shouted for joy!" remembered Mama, laughing. "And cried happy tears."

We are praying that our glorious, special, wonderful day will come soon! We can mark one month of the 4-6 month wait off the list! We are now down to 3-5 months of waiting until we get our referral and get to see a picture of our son that God has picked out for our family!

Thank you, Cortney, for being such a wonderful friend and for completely turning my "poopy" morning around! :) I love you!

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  1. I pray your wish will soon come true! That was a very sweet gift from your friend. Hugs and much love to you all...AJ