Saturday, July 23, 2011

july fun

What a fun July we've had so far!!

The kids and I have spent the majority of the month in Georgia while my sweet hubby is deep in the throws of ministry taking folks to camp and on mission trips.

Before he went north and we went south, we did enjoy a very relaxed 4th together. Because all the festivities in our hometown kept getting cancelled due to rain, our Independence Day was quite uneventful! We were prepared though...

The girls and I made these shirts just like we made the ones from this post. They were super easy and quick! (And what exactly is one supposed to do for little boys when it comes to this kind of stuff? I'm still learning about boys!)

My hubby did do something the morning of the 4th and I can sense a tradition developing! He woke up that morning and wanted to make breakfast - homemade donuts specifically!

The next day, Lee left for camp and so began our time apart. The kiddos and I packed up and were Georgia bound! I was a little nervous about the trip because it was the first time I was attempting the 10 hour drive with just me and all 3 babies! And you may remember the pictures I've shared of Sam in the car...riding is not his finest hour! Survive we did, but I was so thankful to see Parker Avenue and my parents front porch!

Because this was Sam's first time in the peach state, he met many family members that had been anxiously awaiting his arrival...

We all spent a lot of time by the pool...what else would one do when it's over 100 degrees outside?!?

We managed a trip to downtown Savannah for the afternoon and enjoyed some of the sites and stores there...

My brother, his wife and their boys were also visiting Grandpa and Mimi, so we not only enjoyed time with them, but were also able to celebrate my nephew's birthday together. We took the kids bowling and out for pizza...

As always, we enjoyed our time in Georgia and I was once again reminded of how much I love (and miss!) the sweet southern culture! I smiled when I heard words like "y'all" and "m'am" and "sir" and "pecan" (PEE-can!!!) roll off people's tongue with ease! It's a place where sweet tea, boiled peanuts and watermelon make the perfect afternoon snack and all things fried flow freely! It's common practice to lift a finger or two off your steering wheel to wave at all those you pass on the road - no matter if you know them or not!

There's definitely a distinct charm that I've grown to appreciate after being gone for a while. Isn't that life though...we don't usually recognize goodness until we're away from it!


  1. I just read the post!! I wish I was there for all the excitement! I will be home soon! I love you!


  2. Yep. . . what to do for cute boy holiday wear - my thoughts exactly for the past four years :)
    And I remember William telling/Charis showing me how to make those doughnuts. . . yum!