Tuesday, October 12, 2010

halloween glitter shirt

This simple yet festive shirt was super easy to make! It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish (not including drying time). Because it was so easy and fun to make, and turned out better than I expected, I know I'll be making more glitter shirts soon! I've already picked out colors for turkey shirts for Thanksgiving and the possibilities are endless for Christmas attire (for the kiddos, of course)! I'm even tossing around ideas for glittering up other things.

Here are the supplies needed to get you started:
*Freezer paper
*Craft knife or scissors
*Foam brush
*Fabric glitter
*Fabric glitter glue

Here's how it goes:
1. Draw your design on the paper side of the freezer paper. Depending on your artistic abilities, you can free-hand this or print something off the internet and trace it.

2. Using a craft knife (which I prefer!) or scissors, cut out your design so that you have a stencil.

3. Iron your freezer paper stencil (slick side down) onto your shirt in the exact spot you want the design to be. Make sure you get a good seal with the paper.

4. Using the foam brush, coat the inside of your stencil with a thin layer of the glitter glue. ( I don't have a picture for this because the glue is clear and the picture would look exactly like the one above!)

5. Next, generously sprinkle the glitter on top.

6. After 30 minutes, I shook off the excess glitter. I waited another 2-3 hours before I peeled off the freezer paper template. You'll want to follow the specific instructions on the glitter glue to know how long to let it dry.

The glitter glue I used said it was washable after 10 days as long as you turned the fabric inside out and washed it on the gentle cycle. I haven't tried that yet, so I can't tell you how well that works. I will tell you that I was a little worried that I would end up with orange glitter everywhere, but that hasn't been the case. After the shirt was completely dry, I gently wiped off any excess glitter (which wasn't much) and the remaining glitter is staying put. I'm very excited about this new project!


  1. I love the shirt!! You are so smart & talented -must have got that from your daddy! Hugs and love to everyone...AJ