Tuesday, October 19, 2010

today's prayer

From Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp...

{The argument over the last pop tart, the cry of nothing to wear a half hour before school, the report card crumpled in the pocket of jeans heading for the wash, the pouting expression in the face of a parent's "No," the third fender-bender in a month, the constant words of discontent, the "everybody else does," and the "I'm the only one whose parents make them..." all must be seen as something more than hassles that get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable life. These are the moments God made parents for. You are God's agents on the watch. You have been given an incredibly high calling. These moments make your life worthwhile. Here you will make a contribution that is worth infinitely more than any career or financial accomplishment.}

My prayer for today...God help me, by Your grace, to parent well. I pray that I will seek to honor You above all things and as a result of that, I trust that I will honor You in parenting. Help me love Addie & Ellee with a love that overflows from You! Allow me to take seriously the incredible call of parenting and do it with JOY! Help me see that I'm on the front lines of a spiritual battle for my girls' hearts...the fight is for them, not with them.


  1. Your last line is pure wisdom, Mindy. And a wonderful lesson in spiritual warfare that even young ones can learn, so they can lock arms with you against Satan instead of feeling like they are fighting against you. Recognizing our enemy is essential for spiritual growth. Love to you all. "Miss" Jennalynn

  2. Great post Mindy! We have a great task in front of us, but what a joy in can be if we allow Jesus to be the center of it all! You are an amazing writer, wife, and mother. I am blessed beyond measure to have you as my companion! Addie and Ellee are privileged to have such a loving mother! I love you!