Thursday, July 1, 2010

feeling icky

Doesn't that face break your heart?!? Yesterday morning my Ellee woke up feeling very icky. By the time I got her to the doctor, her temp was 104.9! Although she's been through her share of ear infections and bellyaches, I've only seen her this pitiful one other time. During our visit to my parent's house for Christmas in 2007, she got so sick that she had to stay in the hospital for a short time while they gave her fluids and antibiotics through an IV.

The culprit then and now? Strep throat. Yuck!

As you can imagine, our fun activities for the remainder of the week have been cancelled. The trade off for my girl isn't so bad though - movies, popsicles and more movies! She's on the mend and will be her contagious ball of energy and smiles soon!

So what's a mom and big sister to do while the patient sleeps? Sew, of course!

Addie got this cute headband from Gymboree a few months ago.

I just love how precious it looks on her!

I decided it couldn't be too hard to duplicate the headband, so big sis and I got to work. Making these were super easy - I just "free handed" it - and they took very little time.

When it comes to my Ellee's yuckiness, I'm hoping she breaks one of our house rules:



  1. Hope Ellee gets better soon.
    I think you should definitely market those headbands and raise some $$ for the adoption. If I had a little girl, I'd be all over them. . . so cute!

  2. Awh I hope she feels better soon. I love the hair bands I want to learn to sew so bad. That is one of my 20 wishes. Maybe one day I will learn. Hope ya'll had a great 4th