Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Griswold Experience

Do you remember when Clark Griswold finally arrived at Wally World only to find it closed? Well, here's how the Brown version goes...

For weeks now, all of Lee's family has been planning on going to Barren River State Park as part of our time together. We decided that it would be so much fun to enjoy a day of picnicking, hiking and swimming at the "beach!"

On Friday morning, our clan - complete with 5 cars and 18 people - settled in at picnic spot at Barren River. The kiddos played in the smoldering heat and we enjoyed a fried chicken lunch. The carrot dangling in front of us as we endured the heat was the excitement of swimming at the beach and cooling off when we were done eating. The adults kept promising the kids that as soon as we were done eating, we'd head to the beach. When the kids could no longer wait to play in the sand and water, we loaded up our clan - still complete with 5 cars and 18 people - and left our picnic spot with our eyes set on the prize!

My girls were so eager to swim and the excitement escalated when we saw the sign...

Aaaaahhhhh, finally...a chance to have some relief from the 95 degrees that threatened our joy! Then we saw the next sign...


Somehow, in all of our planning, we failed to include the flood damage from a few months ago that left our beach closed!

After consoling the heartbroken children, the adults quickly scrambled around to create a "Plan B." I think we managed to construct a pretty fun alternative!!

Well it's true - there's no place like home! I'm happy to report that my sweet little family has arrived safely back home in Kentucky after being gone for weeks. I've got several fun ideas floating around in my head, so I hope to post some creative things soon. After all, our fun summer days are coming to an end!

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  1. A Griswold experience indeed :) I'm sorry you missed the beach opportunity, but thanks for the good laugh. What fun to have all 18 of you there together. . . I know Doc and Mama Brown were in heaven!