Thursday, April 7, 2011

breaking the law

I don't know that it's exactly breaking the law, but apparently we goofed...

Yesterday we received more paperwork (seriously, at least two forests had to be destroyed for all the adoption paperwork!) from our agency regarding our homecoming with our newest addition. One of the documents was a friendly reminder that we are not allowed to post Sam's face on any "public domain" or "non-secured website." Uh...oops!! We've kinda done that!

Here's the deal...Sam is not "legally" ours until 6 months from now. We are required to have a few post-placement visits from our social worker to make sure we're not allowing our children to play with guns or sniff glue. Once those are done, we go to court and legal custody is then granted to us and we are officially recognized as Sam's parents. I know, it's crazy. I mean honestly, how long can this be drawn out?!? But until that takes place, we are not allowed to publish our sweet patoot's face for all of you to enjoy. Hence the reason his pictures have disappeared and the videos have become private for now.

We're tossing around some ideas on how to jump this hurdle and one would be to make this blog private for the next few months. If I do that, you would need to subscribe to it in order to view our latest happenings. The other option is to simply not post his pictures on here. That, my friend, will be hard because he has the most scrumptious face!!! If you'd like to view the videos, please send me an email ( and I'll be more than delighted to give you access!

We'll see what happens...

Other than breaking some rules, things have been wonderful here on the home front. Sam is finally adjusted to Kentucky time and we're slowly adjusting him to our food. The boy came to us eating whole strawberries, apples and meat for goodness sake, but it has still been a bit of a challenge deciding how to feed him.

The girls are still totally obsessed with him although they don't understand why he can't do much. I'm so thankful that spring break is this week because it's made for a smooth transition. I haven't had to rush the girls out the door in the morning for school and we've been able to enjoy each other all day.

While my little Sam was napping the other day (ugh...I took the sweetest picture of him sleeping that I couldn't wait to share!!!) the girls and I decided it was far past time to do a little craft. Because I wasn't stocked up on craft ideas or supplies, we had to get creative...

I recently bought the girls white shirts (for another project) that got ruined in the wash by one of my favorite things...Downy fabric softener. (I will confess that I have a secret obsession with Downy, but I only buy it when I feel like splurging. I've actually received it as a birthday gift before. Sick, I know!) The Downy stained my shirts blue, so they've just been sitting on the dryer. They looked like the perfect victim for a craft experiment so I grabbed them, some rubber bands, kool-aid, a big pot of water and decided it was time to introduce my girls to the art of tie-dye!!

They turned out ok, I guess. We haven't decided if they will be play shirts or "wearing out" shirts!

Just for fun, I'll share some pictures I caught of Ellee outside today while she was chasing a bunny. She was very disappointed that she didn't catch the bunny. I asked her what she would've done if she had caught it. "Squeeze it and put it in a cage and keep it forever."

Oh dear, Mr. for your life!!

I also wanted to show you this picture I snapped of poor Kit sitting in the corner. I never could get to the bottom of what she had done wrong but it appeared to be bad! I guess I better get this taken care of before one of our post-placement visits so it doesn't appear that the girls are mimicking a form of discipline they receive! I can reassure you that I've never taped my girls mouth shut. Promise! But I can't say that the idea hasn't crossed my mind... :)


  1. hahaha. i laughed so much at the doll photo.

    and can you send me cute pictues and videos?

  2. Sad about the pictures and videos. I LOVED seeing all of them. It made all of us feel like such a part of the whole process. Next time you want a craft idea and don't have many materials: You don't even have to have fabric crayons. Take regular crayons and have the girls draw a cute picture. Lay the picture crayon side down (put a blank paper between the layers of the shirt so it doesn't go through) on a plain T-shirt. Cover the paper with another paper so crayon doesn't get on your iron, then iron it for about 30 seconds. Your cute picture will now be permanently on your shirt. You can also get fabric crayons, but they aren't that much better, and you have limited color choices. Practice on the papers till you get just the one you want. See ya Sunday! Cathy Miller

  3. p.s. I LOVE the doll picture! Ü Also, if you write words on your iron on picture, you have to print them backwards. Easy to do. Just write them on the back lightly with pencil, then trace it with the crayons on the correct side. Love you all! Cathy Miller

  4. NOO sad i was gonna text u to say "something happened w the video's!!!" but decided not to stalk you! i was trying to SHOW more people & it was not coming up, now i see... :) i'll miss them but will just stalk the email now--hmm have to ask ry how to wk the system w that one?! :) miss u & i bet that pic of him sleeeeeeping was more than precious bc ohhh that little boy is an angel! i love his sweeeet little nose! his face min! ugh - too much! ok- it's friday! yayyy or boo bc i guess that means spring break is over! i'm so proud & amazed that u r crafting w your girls in the midst of all the transition! seriously
    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G amazing mama, but i already knew that! Thanking JESUS for you today & for the blessing of Sam eating better & this whole process! pls give you rwhole fam HUGS from the johnson gang! XOXO
    ps- WHEN CAN U FLY TO ORLANDO? 6 months...? --jen

  5. Paul would really like to know how he can have strawberries and meat, now! Charles is especially sad about the video. We'll just count the days until we get to meet our new nephew/cousin!
    And, we miss Addie and Ellee!!