Thursday, April 28, 2011

random ramblings

I'm afraid I may be coming off as the lady who cried wolf with this whole "blog going private" thing, but I promise I'm not! I'm still getting emails from people who want to be added to the list to have access, so I'm giving it another post or two. Then... pictures galore of my little man! (And of my little dolls too, of course!)

Speaking of my little man, I'm asking you to lend your ear (eyes, rather) for a post of ramblings about adoption from a new momma!

**It's ok to ask questions!! I'm sure it's no surprise that people stare or give us a second glance when they see our family together. Many people approach us and you can see hesitation on their face. They want to ask questions but don't know how. I just want to ease your mind...families who have adopted are {usually} delighted to talk to you about it!

**No, Sam doesn't speak Korean! I've had a few people ask and the question makes me chuckle. Truth is, he doesn't speak anything!!

**I read an article recently from American Family Association Journal regarding adoption and I love this quote from a family that has adopted children and biological children. "They are all our real children. God brought some through adoption and some through biologcial means, but before the foundations of the earth they were all ours." LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! All three of our children are our real kiddos!!

**Yes, we understand there are tough days ahead. As Sam gets older and begins asking questions and exploring his story, we are sure to step into uncharted territory. But let's be honest, there were no "Certificates of Ease" handed out in the hospital when I gave birth to my girls. Having biological children doesn't allow you to bypass troubled times with your kiddos. Parenting is difficult and apart from God's grace daily in your life, I'd say it's even impossible. I'd submit to you that raising children - whether biological or adopted - only has one guarantee...there are no guarantees!

**I love how Russell Moore says in Adopted for Life, that "adopted" is a past-tense verb, not an adjective. Sam is our son that was adopted, not our adopted son. Think about the difference in those two statements.

**Another quote from the article I mentioned above that is definitely worth repeating..."The only real motivation that should override everything for why potential parents should consider adoption, even over infertility, is the desire to give a child a family and meet his needs unconditionally. When Jesus adopted us He didn't come to us because we were a project for Him. He didn't come to us because we had anything to offer. It is grace. Today's adoption is a living picture of the Gospel."

I think that's it for now! It's late and my mind is foggy.

I've been working hard on a project that I hope to share with you soon! In all my free time (ha!) I have been preparing for a surprise "room reveal" for my girls. They don't know it yet, but I'm re-doing their corner of the house and I can't wait for them to see it!

Thank you for reading my ramblings!

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  1. This is really wonderfully beautiful Mindy. We are so happy for you and your family. Sandy & I ask Doc or Carol how things are going and usually we both read your blog. It's just really a blessing.