Saturday, April 2, 2011

home sweet home

I've never been so happy to write a post from my living room couch as I am right now! I'm delighted to tell you that we made it - we are home with all three children sweetly nestled in their beds. My hubby is beside me working on his sermon for tomorrow and my Mom is on the other side and we're watching the UK game. (Disclaimer - I care nothing about this game, but I feel obligated to watch so that I don't forfeit my Kentucky citizenship!) For this moment, all seems well and I praise the Lord for that.

We survived the flight from Korea to Chicago, but it was rough! I've always admired honesty in people - if life is hard, say it is...if you're struggling, let me know...if you're falling apart, I want to crumble with you. Because of that, I want to be as transparent as possible with you and tell you that there were moments during that flight when I didn't think we'd make it! I imagine that anyone flying for nearly 13 hours with a nine month old can testify to that, regardless of their situation. None the less, survive we did!

We landed in Chicago with only an hour to go through immigration and customs, grab all of our bags, re-check our bags, and make it to the other side of O'Hare. And our "souvenir" from Korea caused a bit of a delay with customs. But I have to tell you who was standing in line with us while we were waiting to go through customs...Vanilla Ice!!! Seriously, he was there just a line over!! Because of my delirious state and total jubilation for being on U.S. soil, I asked Lee if he thought I should start singing "Ice, Ice Baby" out loud. "We" dedcided it wasn't the best idea...

Well we made the flight to Chicago, but only after I realized my phone was sitting in the women's bathroom on the counter after we had boarded the plane and the doors were closed. The nice flight attendants let me run back inside and retrieve it, but it was close! Although we didn't discover it until we were safely to our final destination, our luggage didn't make the flight due to the quick transition and we had to come home without it. But that was ok - I had everything I needed!!

Again, honesty being priority, I will tell you that I can't remember a time in my life being as exhausted as I was when we finally made it home! I think Sam felt the same way because he started crying when we got home and didn't stop for an hour. He wore himself out and eventually he crashed, as did his daddy and mommy. All of us slept for quite a while and I started feeling human again sometime Friday afternoon.

We are still trying to figure out what Sam's eating and sleeping habits are, but I know all that will come in time. The girls seem to think he's amazing and beg me to wake him up when he's sleeping. Can you blame them?!?

We are tired and have definitely had moments of frustration. But this is par for the course with any new baby - no matter their form of delivery! :) Thankfully my Mom is here to help us through these days and do what she does best - love and serve!

Click here to see the video of our homecoming!

Again - you will never know how much we have treasured all of your comments, posts, messages, emails and words of encouragement! We have loved taking you on this journey with us. We pray that God has been made much of and we give all glory to Him for our story. We love because He first loved us!


  1. Mindy, I have to tell you, this video moved me to tears. You could feel the love in your family radiating through the video and it was amazing. Sam seemed fascinated with his sisters and I hope you are all doing well. We miss you at our meetings but are so happy for your family. Can't wait to see you back and hear all about it.

  2. Mindy, this is such an amazing story! I have just taken the opportunity over the last week to read all about this and it melts my heart to see such love from all of you! Congrats on your 3rd child and good luck getting everyone accustomed to the new life ahead for you! You and your family are an inspiration to me!
    Jessi Jenkins Pennington

  3. minnnnnnnnn--
    ok i could hardly watch video b/c i was BALLING & could not see clearly! i'll have to watch it again when i can hold it together! :) so precious!!! watching the sam prayers being answered has been AMAZING! i love your HONESTY in the blog! the BEST! my kids watched with me & this is their thoughts....
    parker- "mom, is this video 2 hours! let's give him a present! we need to find baby toys!" HA
    payton- "let's send him toys! like a slinky dog!" HA
    *sounds to me like i NEED to meet him! :)
    in LOVE with his face! i know you went through aLOT to get him,... but CAN I HAVE HIM? but really, can i?
    xxoo- need to see your face in person- jen :)))

  4. WOW!!! Loved the video but cried through it all. Thank you so much for carrying me on this amazing journey with you. Sam is such a blessed little boy to now be in your family. So happy for you all. Love & hugs to you all...AJ