Saturday, December 13, 2014

a glimpse into the last few days...

What an unbelievable few days we have had on this side of the globe!  We have experienced things we never thought we would, so for that, I'm grateful for the highly "suggested" sightseeing that takes place prior to receiving our lil' punkin!

As I type this, it's 4:30 am Sunday morning.  We are preparing to leave Beijing and fly to Shanghai where we'll spend the next several days.  In the morning (Sunday night for y'all!) we'll be taken to our Elijah and hold him in our arms forever!

I can hardly stand the wait. 

We miss our babies back home like crazy, and the reality of how much longer we'll be gone doesn't settle well in my mind.  We've been able to FaceTime them and we're all wearing our bandaids too!  I've left several surprises back home for them along the way, so I trust they know they're being missed!! It sounds like everyone is having a blast with Mimi - craft projects and movie night slumber parties galore!

And it would be impossible to acknowledge the past few days without shining the spotlight on my amazing hubby for a moment.  One of the hiccups with our travel dates was that his graduation from Southern Seminary with his masters of Divinity fell right in the middle - he was scheduled to walk on December 12th.  Like the man he is, he quietly pushed aside his desire to be a part of that ceremony - without any hesitation - in order for us to run to our baby!!  This degree is many years in the making and I have watched a true example of perseverance play out before my very eyes.  The Lord has been good.
:: thank you William for the picture ::

To view the video version of the crazy, click :: HERE :: and continue on this journey with us...

And PS - words cannot properly express our gratitude for your love, prayers and encouragement!!  Every single time I get a message saying that someone is praying, my load feels a little lighter and the steps feel easier!


  1. Jim, Alberta & Bella are following your blog back in Morristown and we send love and prayers. Bella sends hugs!!!!! Can't wait to you get home with little man!

  2. i am so excited for y'all!!! mindy, it was so good to hear your voice in the video - i miss you like crazy. i'm a bundle of excited nerves knowing that you'll be picking up your new bundle of joy in less than 12 hours!!! praying for smooth transition and travel back home to your other three babies waiting for your return.

  3. I checked your blog about 26 hrs ago and there was not a new post. I refresh the page today and here's a new one!!! So exciting to see your journey. Thank you for the posts and video. It's fun to watch your journey to your son. Praying for you guys!!!