Wednesday, December 31, 2014

we. are. home.

Yes, we made it  home.  And we've been home for a week now.


I wish I could share cute pictures and a fun video of our homecoming (like we had for Sam HERE) but I can't quite do that yet.  Our homecoming wasn't exactly "picture perfect" but we made it none the less!  God's grace continued to be sufficient, and His hand carried us through.

As you may recall, I asked y'all to pray for Lee and I because we were not feeling well a day or so before we were to begin the trek home.

Thankfully, Lee began feeling better, but I took a nasty turn for the worse on the Tuesday evening before we flew out the following morning.  Needless to say, Lee had to practically carry me onto the plane Wednesday morning and much of that day is a blurry haze.  It was awful. Seriously...awful.

I remember calling my Mom once we landed in Chicago and I just cried and cried.  I was so thankful to be on American soil and was in awe that we had actually survived the 15 hour flight.
:: apparently this is how I spent most of the flight ::

I remember that morning looking at Lee and telling him that I couldn't do it. That sweet man told me that I could and I would!  He managed to maneuver all of our luggage, our 2 year old treasure and a barely conscience wife through the airport in Hong Kong, customs and then through O'Hare.

After we were in Chicago, I started to feel somewhat human again and just couldn't wait to be in east Tennessee.

Just a few hours later, that's where we were!

I was beyond thrilled to see my other munchkins jumping up and down at the airport and couldn't stop praising Jesus for bringing us through.

What an adventure it was!!

So the last few days...

They've been good and hard and fun and exhausting and challenging and crazy!

I've still been battling a nasty, nasty bug that the doctor called a "foreign virus" and that, combined with the still lingering jet lag, has gotten the best of me.  I'm physically beat and that is why I don't have any cute pictures or exciting videos to share yet!

:: my loves on Christmas Eve ::

Elijah is doing great - he's eating, sleeping, laughing and playing like a champ!   All of the kiddos seem to enjoy life together {so far!} and being a family of 6 feels... well ...natural! :)


How can we ever say thank you to all of you who have loved us, supported us, prayed for us, encouraged us and walked this road with us??

Words will never accurately portray the gratitude we have for every single one of you - from those who have prayed, to those who have given financially, to those who kept our kiddos while we had appointments, to every single person in between.  We pray that God will show Himself to you in a mighty way for the way you have helped us...

make one less orphan!

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