Friday, December 19, 2014

cuteness overload

The days seem long and the nights seem short because our bodies are still time-zone-confused-and-messed-up so I thought I'd just quickly share some pictures of the most beautiful and amazing two year old on the face of this planet.  He seriously is.  See for yourself...

:: cramming in some muffins ::

:: his smile can light up a room ::

:: admiring his daddy ::

:: i mean words ::

:: mommy is so in love ::

:: first mcdonald's french fry ::

:: umm...attempting a 'selfie' in shanghai - can honestly say we have no experience with that ::

:: oh comfort and JOY ::

:: pure preciousness ::

:: showing us how to 'honk, honk' with his nose ::

:: looking out over shanghai - the city that gave us an amazing little boy ::

:: playing with books ::

:: sweet, sweet child of mine ::

:: again - no words ::

:: at court, making it official - he is a BROWN ::


We are currently in Guangzhou and will stay here until Tuesday afternoon.  We have an appointment with the US Consulate to obtain Elijah's visa and that is our last formal/official appointment.  Once we have his visa, we'll head to Hong Kong and then finally begin our long trek back home.  

I miss my babies.  I miss my bed.  I even miss my Christmas tree.  Please, please continue to pray us through as I know you have been!  The Lord has been more than good, more than graceful and more than sufficient and I trust He will continue.  

Christmas Eve - 5:30 pm - cannot get here soon enough!! 


  1. He is ADORABLE! :-) We're continuing to pray for you-the girls and I pray each morning as we have breakfast and start school. Enjoy your time in Guangzhou! I have many great memories of that place, as well as Shamian Island, where the consulate was at the time I was in China.

  2. We are still praying and send love. Enjoy your special bonding time it's so important! Love seeing all the pics and the smiles on your faces!!!!

  3. absolutely precious! i had tears in my eyes looking at these pictures of pure joy, happiness, and love! praying you through!!!