Monday, December 22, 2014

missing home...

I know in the grand scheme of things, being away from home for 2 weeks is really not a big deal.

But...when you've been on the other side of the world, away from your kiddos for 2 weeks, it seems like an eternity.

We are so far beyond ready to be home!!

For fun, Lee made a video capturing our past 2 weeks and our desire to be home.  Click HERE to watch!

So this is the plan and a few things to be in prayer for ...

We will leave Guangzhou in a few hours and head to Hong Kong by van.  We'll stay in Hong Kong tonight and then fly out in the morning.  We should arrive in Chicago around 11:00 am on the 24th and then fly to Knoxville a few hours later!  By the grace of God, we'll land in Knoxville around 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve and have our babies all together!!

Can. Hardly. Wait.

We're told (not sure how valid it is) that our temperature will be checked at the Hong Kong border and that they're quick to "detain" people with a fever due to Ebola fears.  Normally that would be no big deal, but Lee and I are both struggling with a sinus infection and feeling icky.  So please, please pray for no fevers as we cross into Hong Kong.

Also, there's potential for some nasty weather in Chicago on Wednesday, so please be in prayer for our flights and that we'll not experience any delays or issues.

Having said all that, take another look at my cutie in action.  I seriously cannot get over how beautiful and amazing he is.

But like I said on Facebook, I don't want to give the illusion that it's been all bliss, all the time.  Social media can easily create unrealistic scenarios and I don't want to be a part of that. So here are some pictures of the REAL.  But even then, I cannot get enough of that face...

:: The little munchkin does NOT like to be without shoes, so you're likely to find him in shoes all the time...even sleeping!  Some battles are not worth fighting right now! ::

We will keep everyone posted as this part of the journey comes to a close.  As we've said before and will continue to say.... 


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  1. You all are so strong for doing this. I'm so glad your family is complete!