Monday, March 28, 2011

grab some tissues...'s the video you've been waiting on!

We've been watching these kinds of videos for years now, longing to have one of our own. It's still hard to believe how far we've come in this amazing journey. We are thankful to the Lord for all our children - no matter how He chose to "deliver" them!

You can enjoy some preciousness here.

Please continue to pray - we still have a long road ahead of us! We will check back later with some specific things we'd like for you to be in prayer for.

For now, we're headed to visit some palaces!


  1. You guys are just killing me!! All I do is smile and cry and smile and cry some more!!! Praise God!!

  2. Breathing through these happy tears is a lot like lamaze. Loving being with you in your delivery room, Min. Sam is just precious beyond words. In prayer for the remainder of your journey and transition home.

    LOVE YOU!!


  3. Our little brother, Sam, is so cute that we couldn't stop crying after the video. We miss you mama and daddy and pray for you every night before we go to bed. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Addie and Ellee

  4. oh my balllllllling!!!!!! min- can u pls talk to me more on this video! i want EVERY detail of what happened after u left, how u feel, what u r up to? i AM SUPER OBSESSSSSED did i mention OBSESSSSED w your sweet baby sam! when can i steal him? can i come/ fly over tomorrow?
    thank u 4 showing my family & i how to follow jesus & watch HIM at work as SAM joins your family!
    um, i love u, um, miss u, i am FREAKINGGGG!
    love- jen

  5. We happened on your blog because we are waiting on a referral from Korea for our second adoption. We did not have to travel the first time and were hoping to find some information online about the trip.
    Your blog has been a real pleasure to read. It is so difficult to watch Sam's foster mother and how she loves him. It makes me cry to think of the care and love that our first son's foster family gave to him. The video made it so real! Thanks for sharing your experience. We also are using AIAA for the second time. We are very happy for you and can't wait to hear how the first hours and the plane trip home goes.
    We live in TN. We will send you an email and would love to share thoughts about the trip when you guys get home and settled, if you are willing. Again we are thrilled and know the joys that it will bring. Our son has been home now for 28 months! What a blessing!!!

  6. Oh Mindy!! Just beautiful! Sending love and prayers to you and your sweet family!!