Saturday, March 19, 2011

i'm officially a soccer mom!!

Today our family ventured into uncharted territory...the world of "organized sports!" (I use the term "organized" loosely and you'll see why from the pictures below.)

My sweet girls both decided it would be fun to play soccer this season so we signed them up and the fun began today with their first games. I'm going to share lots of pictures from the day because, truthfully, I think they're just too stinkin cute to keep to myself!!

First up, my Addie girl...

getting suited up to be goalie
she was an amazing goalie! she didn't let anything past her!

Next up, my Ellee girl...


With this new "Soccer Mom" title, a part of myself that I didn't know existed has started to emerge. It's the side that stands and jumps and yells on the sidelines. It's the side that feels nervous as the ball approaches her offspring. It's the side that screams (only on the inside, of course), "Don't you push my baby!"

Just when I thought being a soccer mom meant driving a minivan - which I don't - and taking orange slices places - which I haven't - I'm seeing that it means so much more.

And the truth is...I think I like it! :)

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  1. You will love being a "soccer mom"!!! I was one for a short while - Lacie didn't play until 9th grade of school, but oh how I wish she had of played soccer instead of softball when she was young. Enjoy your time with those precious girls!!! Love and hugs to all. AJ